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As the study of people at work, industrial/organizational psychology is a science dedicated to many of the attitudes, cognitions, and behaviours employees and employers encounter on a daily basis. Our I/O program reflects both the academic excellence of psychology and the practical application of our research and knowledge into the world of work. This scientist-practitioner model ensures graduates of our program are provided world-class training in the development and advancement of scientific principles and their resulting practical applications for organizational success and individual well-being.


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Internships are on-the-job research and consulting experiences for I/O graduate students. They provide I/O students with a preview into the practitioner career path, and are an important tool for gaining and developing practical skills. To supplement the training of students in our program, upper year graduate students are invited to participate in internships. The kinds of internships our students pursue, and the type of work they engage in, is decided by the student and the company they wish to intern for.

Although students may intern at a number of organizations, below are a few examples of our more popular partners:

Ahria Consulting

Sigma Assessment Systems
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