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Industrial/organizational psychology is the study of people at work. This field is dedicated to furthering our understanding in areas such as hiring the right employees, giving feedback to improve employee performance and increase motivation, improving employee engagement, and more.


Many of the phenomena studied in I/O psychology are relevant to situations people face both at work and in their daily lives, including leadership, team work, and well-being. Given that I/O study tends to overlap with the studies of many other areas, both within and beyond psychology, individuals from all educational backgrounds have welcome and interesting perspectives to add to the I/O community. 


In sum, I/O is a thriving field in which students and faculty alike can study a broad range of topics, strengthen our understanding of the world of work, and apply their knowledge to have a real impact on individuals' daily lives. 


The I/O psychology program seeks to develop well-rounded graduates. Our students are researchers, consultants, teaching assistants, and instructors. There are opportunities to develop a diverse set of skills and to prepare for any number of careers. 


Our courses ensure students learn a range of topics, from leadership and motivation, to the study of teams, to the use of evaluation in the workplace. We also have a robust offering of statistical courses available for students to take, developing not only their theoretical understanding of statistical procedures, but also their practical skills in using statistical software. 


Internships are also encouraged as students move into the upper years of the program. Students are welcome to explore their options within the consulting firms in London, as well as their opportunities outside the city. We have a number of partners in London where many of our students have obtained paid experience in consulting, test development, and coaching.

This website, independently operated and maintained by the I/O psychology area, contains all the information prospective students might need when deciding if I/O psychology is the right choice for them, including: how the program is structured, what is expected of students in the I/O area, past and present members of the program, current events, and how to apply. For any remaining questions, contact us here.

The I-O psychology graduate program at Western has a friendly and safe environment that helps promote independent thinking and professional growth. The PhD program helped me level up my skills in statistics and research methods beyond what I'd expected and provided me with the professional networking and project opportunities to help me enter the consulting job market as a highly competitive applicant.

Nicholas Bremner 

PhD Alumni

Our faculty are leaders in research in areas such as employee commitment, selection of employees, and team processes. They are experienced not only in teaching and researching in I/O psychology, but also in guiding students through their education and into the workforce. Each faculty member is a dedicated supervisor, providing students with opportunities for research, guidance in developing their skills, and encouragement in preparing for future careers.


Collaboration is also encouraged in our department. There are opportunities to work with faculty members other than your own supervisor. Our department holds an "open door" policy, and faculty are always accessible and available to discuss ideas or provide direction in research. 

This program has given me the opportunity to gain both research and applied experience in areas that interest me. I have had a great experience here and owe a lot of that to the attentive faculty.  

Kevin Doyle

PhD Alumni

The students in our program have a range of academic interests, spanning from the application of personality in the workplace, to the functioning of teams, to motivation and well-being. They also vary in their career aspirations. The department of psychology provides not only the foundations for academic excellence, from the graduate courses on a range of topics to advanced statistical training, but also provides opportunities for students to apply their knowledge in practical internship positions. Many of our students devote a portion of their time to a paid internship with some of the best consulting firms London has to offer.


Click for more information on our program, our current students, and on our internship opportunities.


After graduating from our program, our students have gone on to be successful in both academic and consulting careers. After their years in the I/O program, our students leave equipped to pursue either career track, and have found positions using their education and skills across the world.


For more information on our previous students, click here.

Natasha Ouslis

PhD Alumni

Western's I/O program has been wonderful for me as a student and a budding scholar. Despite never being trained in I/O concepts or methods before starting this program, I caught up with all major topics in the field and my confidence in this area grew immensely. Gaining technical skills, content-related knowledge, and the confidence to share what I know with others has helped me with my research, teaching assistantships, and extracurricular experiences. However, I know Western's program fits more than just my specific career path; my colleagues are also thriving and incorporating the work they like to do, no matter if that is teaching, extra research, MITACS fellowships, or outside employment. The flexibility and holistic nature of our I/O program is our strongest asset.

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