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Dr. Johanna Weststar

Associate Professor of Management and Organizational Studies

Adjunct Faculty Member of Industrial/Organizational Psychology Area

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Office: SSC 4427
Tel: 519-661-2111 ext. 86148

Curriculum Vitae


Johanna joined the faculty at Western in 2012 after spending 4 years at the Sobey School of Business, Saint Mary's University. She specializes in industrial relations and human resources and their related fields (i.e., sociology of work, labour studies). Johanna has many research interests, but two are top of mind right now. First, she researches the work experiences of video game developers.  Second, she researches pension governance and the role of member and labour trustees on pension boards. In addition to the above topics, Johanna has published articles and book chapters on topics including: pregnancy leave, underemployment, job control, workplace learning, and union education. 


A selection of papers are accessible at: and a recent report for the International Game Developers Association on Quality of Life in the game industry is at:

B.A. & Sc. - McMaster University, 2001
M.A. - Queens University, 2003
Ph.D. - University of Toronto, 2007


  • Video Game Industry

  • Industrial Citizenship

  • Collectivity

  • Occupational Identity

  • Project Management

  • Pension Governance

  • Underemployment

  • Workplace Learning.


Weststar, J. (2015). Understanding video game developers as an occupational community. Information, Communication and Society, 18(10):1238-1252. DOI 10.1080/1369118X.2015.1036094.


Legault, M. J. & Weststar, J. (2015). The Capacity for Mobilization in Project-Based Cultural Work: A Case of the Video Game Industry. Canadian Journal of Communication, 40(2): 203-221.


Lee, B., Wang, J. & Weststar, J. (2015). Work hour congruence: The effect on job satisfaction and absenteeism. International Journal of Human Resource Management, 26(5), 657-675. First published online June 3, 2014, DOI: 10.1080/095851.


Sayce, S., Weststar, J. & Verma, A. (2014). “The recruitment and selection of pension trustees: An integrative approach” Human Resource Management Journal,24(3): 307-322. First published online Dec, 2012.


Weststar, J. (2009). Worker control as a facilitator in the match between education and jobs.

British Journal of Industrial Relations, 47(4), 723-740.


Weststar, J. (2011). “A review of women’s experiences of three dimensions of underemployment”. In

D. Feldman & D. Maynard (Eds.). Underemployment: Psychological, Economic and Social Challenges. New York, NY: Springer Publishing. Chapter Six.

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