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Moving to a new city, starting at a new university, or beginning a new program can be overwhelming and intimidating. Here, we provide links to a collection of websites that will help familiarize yourself with the city of London, with the school and some of its fantastic resources, and with some of the professional organizations associated with I/O psychology. If you have any further questions about any of these areas, feel free to contact our general inquiry email at


Official City of London Website
This website posts recent news and events occurring in and around London, along with details about London city life, arts activities, attractions, maps, photo galleries…you name it!


Living in London
This website provides a wide range of information describing what it is like to live in London. It also contains links to information on housing, festivals, sports and recreation, night life, transportation within and around London, and so on.


London Transit

Busses run frequently and reliably in most areas of the city. Routes are posted on the website.


School of Graduate and Post-Doctoral Studies (SGPS)
Full range of information about admissions and how to apply to graduate school, services provided by SGDS, program information, campus maps, graduate student housing, etc.


Society of Graduate Students (SOGS)
Being a graduate student means that your health care, dental, and vision costs will be insured under the SOGS plan (unless you have an alternative health plan). Learn about the details of this plan, as well as obtain information about bus passes (included with tuition through SOGS), the GRAD CLUB (where grad students and faculty occasionally unwind with colleagues and libations), financial assistance, graduate teaching awards, special information for international students, and other useful links.


TA Union (PSAC Local 610)

All TAs and Postdocs have certain rights and responsibilities outlined in the collective agreement. In addition to raising awareness and providing support around TA rights, the PSAC Union assists members in other ways, such as scholarships, bursaries, and an extended healthcare plan that all TAs and Postdocs have access to. Their website provides information on accessing financial support, teaching assistantship positions and regulations, and how to get involved.


Psychology Graduate Student Sport Teams and the UWO Fitness Center
First, it may be of interest to know that Psychology graduate students play on a variety of sports teams. These include ultimate Frisbee, year-round soccer (i.e., indoor and outdoor), city league soccer (summer), and fall and winter ball hockey. Additionally, groups of Psychology students and faculty play squash and tennis on campus. These present great opportunities to meet new people, socialize, and get a workout. Second, there is a new Fitness center that is free with tuition. It includes a full size weight room, many cardio machines, squash courts, an Olympic pool, aerobics classes, massage therapy, and anything else your fitness routine might require.


Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP)

  • World-wide professional association for I/O Psychologists

  • Division 14 of the American Psychological Association

  • Describes the science and practice of I/O Psychology

  • Dates and locations of conferences

  • Calls for papers, consultant locator, and so forth


Canadian Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (CSIOP)

  • Professional association that primarily serves I/O Psychologists in Canada

  • Official section of the Canadian Psychological Association

  • Includes links to all I/O Psychology graduate programs in Canada

  • Posts educational papers about I/O Psychology

  • Lists annual conference details


Academy of Management (AOM)

  • Professional association for scholars dedicated to creating and disseminating knowledge about management and organizations

  • Emphasis more on Management and Organizational Behaviour than on I/O Psychology

  • Includes online journal publications for members

  • Information about upcoming conferences

  • Recent press releases related to Organizational Behaviour in the news


Administrative Sciences Association of Canada (ASAC)

  • Professional association primarily for Canadian scholars of Management and Organizational Behaviour

  • Contains links to E-bulletins that describe current events

  • Describes conference news

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