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When it comes to choosing a graduate program, the people can make all the difference. At our program, our courses are taught and our students are supervised by our award-winning professors. Our current students are bright, active researchers who are studying a range of organizational variables. We also boast an extensive network of alumni who are employed in academia and practice across Canada and the world. Finally, we have a number of volunteers who are interested in exploring and learning more about research in I/O psychology. We also encourage undergraduate students to consider an honors thesis in I/O psychology. For more information on our faculty, students, alumni, and volunteers, see below.

The program's faculty are accomplished researchers with expertise in many of the central areas of I/O psychology. Our faculty not only include established researchers and instructors, but also rising academics. They are successful in procuring research grants and participate in collaborative projects, both which provide students with opportunities to expand their skills and their academic networks. Not only are they accomplished academics, but also involved supervisors, dedicated to the development of their students.


For more information on our faculty members, click here.

Our graduate students are active researchers in a number of areas of study. Most of our students pursue multiple topics of interest, and have a broad range of knowledge across the field of I/O psychology. They are also accomplished in the application of their skills, disseminating their research results at local, national, and international conferences, and engaging in internships and consulting work. Our graduate students contribute to an open and welcoming climate, helping each other advance their research and develop their skills. Our graduate students are happy to answer questions to fellow researchers and prospective students about their research, their experiences, and any other questions you may have.


For a complete listing of our current graduate students, please click here.

Students of the I/O psychology program not only have the support of skilled professors and rising graduate students, they also have the advantage of becoming part of an extensive alumni network.  Graduates of the I/O psychology program have gone on to successful careers in research, teaching, and consulting. They are present in both psychology and business programs across the world, and have found practical work in areas such as employee selection, leadership development, and executive coaching.


For a full list of doctoral graduates from the I/O program, click here. For a list of some of our recent graduates, click here

Our program not only provides education and opportunities for graduate students, it also allows undergraduate students to learn more about I/O psychology and become involved in research. Many members of the faculty have experience supervising undergraduate thesis students, aiding them in the development, data collection, and analysis of an independent research project. Some labs also include volunteers, typically undergraduate students, in conducting on-going research studies. This provides individuals from a range of fields the change to explore I/O psychology before commiting to our graduate program.


To learn more about the opportunities for undergraduate students and other volunteers in I/O psychology, click here.

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