Aside from academic and research events, there are a number of social and recreational events available for students to engage in. 



London has a robust entertainment scene, which includes local, independent restaurants, bars and pubs, live music, and theatre. Below are a few links to some of the popular entertainment sites in London.



There are a number of sports teams and events students can join or attend. Below are a few links to the intramural sports teams, Western Mustang recreation, and a schedule of London Knights hockey games.



Both the I/O area and the student committees and groups host social events throughout the year. Within our area, the faculty and students typically throw a holiday party in the December and parties for students who successfully defend their master's thesis or doctoral dissertation including taking part in a local tradition, drinking from The Goblet of Knowledge at the Graduate Club.


Student groups such as the Psychology Graduate Student Association and the Society of Graduate students also host a number of events, such as semi formal dances, Halloween parties, trivia nights, and wine and cheese events.


For more information on these events, click here.

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