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There are many opportunities for undergraduate students and others interested in I/O psychology to get involved in designing and conducting research within our department. Each faculty member has their own area of study, which provides students and volunteers with opportunities to explore the topics they enjoy and gain more experience in research in that area. Please be aware that the availability of honors thesis and volunteer positions will vary by year.


Undergraduates may complete their honors thesis research project within I/O psychology.  Although most of our faculty members have experience supervising honors theses on a range of topics, student interesting in working within the I/O department should seek the professor who most closely aligns with their interests. Interested students may contact faculty members for more information on opportunities in this regard.

For those looking to get involved in research within I/O but are not seeking an honors thesis supervisor, many of the labs conduct research that volunteers can become involved in. Often, these are existing projects, and volunteers can gain experience in collecting data, using statistical software programs, conducting analyses, and interpreting results. The kinds of tasks involved in a volunteering position, as well as the commitment expected from volunteers, will vary across labs and research projects. For more information, potential volunteers should contact the professor whose lab they are interested in becoming involved in.


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