Pictured (Left to right): Trevor Coppins, Dr. Johanna Weststar, Shruti Kumar, and Eva Kwan.


We’re an eclectic bunch united by broad interests in studying project-based knowledge work, occupational and professional identity, citizenship at work/industrial citizenship (not to be confused with organizational citizenship behaviour), employee involvement, employee voice, and equity.

Trevor’s research is focused on how workplace attachments can be detrimental for employee well-being or, conversely, serve as a basis for committing unethical behaviour.

Eva’s research assesses whether mentorship mitigates the consequences that women and members of racialized groups may experience as a result of engaging in diversity valuing behaviours in the workplace as well as the impact of precarious workers on group cohesion.

Shruti is interested in issues of intersectionality and may apply this lens to the organizational experience of mothers, the perceived competence of leaders or the implications for employees in voicing moral objections to organizational practices.

The lab also engages in Dr. Weststar’s ongoing research projects on the videogame industry, including industry partnerships with game studios and associations.


This lab currently has four members:



Dr. Johanna Weststar


Current Graduate Students

Trevor Coppins, PhD Student

Eva Kwan, PhD Student

Shruti Kumar, MSc Candidate


If you are interested in volunteering in the lab, please contact Dr. Johanna Weststar.

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